Perm branch of Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH) JSC

   Perm branch was organized by order of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of USSR on chemistry №262 dated November 14, 1958 to meet the needs in the field of chemistry and technology of fluorine compounds.

   Perm branch is a division of FSUE «RRC «Applied chemistry», created on the basis of NGO «State Institute of Applied Chemistry» by presidential decree of 14.12.1992 №1370.


   The Perm branch has the following structure, consisting of the Research Department and the Production Unit. The Research Department ensures the development of new chemical compounds, their purification processes, new methods of analysis. The production unit, the technological production workshops, optimizes the technology and produces a wide range of products: organic and inorganic fluorine compounds, as well as hydrogen, gaseous oxygen, gaseous and liquid nitrogen.

   The products are used mainly in the chemical and electrochemical industry, in aviation, marine and space engineering, in gas and oil refining industries, in medicine, pharmacology, automotive, agrochemistry, so in the areas that provide scientific and technological progress. Fluorine chemistry allows us to create materials with unique performance characteristics with high thermal and frost resistance, non-combustibility, low toxicity and other valuable properties for equipment operating in extreme conditions, as well as in military equipment, medicine and other industries. Fluorine chemistry determines the development of many high-tech industries.



   Currently, the branch can produce more than 10 types of products for various industries and research.

   Perm branch of Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH) JSC is the only Russian manufacturer of perfluoroacids and and organofluorine liquid.

   Research in the field of chemistry and technology of fluorine compounds have received great development in industrial technologies. The unique properties of the products are intended for use as emulsifiers, surfactants, heat carriers, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, monomers for rubbers and plasticizers in the field of special engineering, components of optical binding materials, reagents for biotechnology and medicine, latex for fabric impregnation.

   The branch laboratories have developed technologies for more than 300 new fluorine compounds, many of which are protected by copyright certificates and patents.

   Today Perm Branch of Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH) JSC plans to resume production of previously manufactured products.



614034, Voronezhskaya str., 41, Perm, Perm Krai
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