Thermal Safety of Chemical Processes

   Calorimetric studies of chemical reactions:

  • liquid and solid substances (thermal decomposition, polymerization, etc.),
  • interactions between liquid substances (dissolution, mixing, hydration, neutralization, etc.).

   Measurement of physical and chemical properties of substances:

  • specific heat capacity of solid and liquid products
  • thermal conductivity of liquid substances.

   Determination of:

  • phase transitions in condensed substances (melting temperatures and heat of fusion, polymorphic transformations), glass transition temperatures, times and temperatures of oxidative induction.
  • solubility of substances,
  • temperature of the beginning of decomposition of substances,
  • thermal effects of chemical reactions.

   The obtained experimental data are used to:

  • construct kinetic models,
  • select safe conditions for processes,
  • evaluate the thermal stability of products and their compatibility,
  • determine the critical conditions of a thermal explosion.