Solid Oxygen Sources

   RRC Applied chemistry (GIPH) JHC is the only Russian manufacturer of solid-source oxygen intended for use in emergency rescue systems.

   The solid charge can be in the form of monoblocks, tablets, or granules. The density of the composition, depending on the type of charge, is from 1.5 to 2.2 kg/dm3.

   GIPH is also the only Russian manufacturer of a series of portable oxygen generators on monoblocks to ensure the breathing of civil aviation passengers during emergency depressurization of aircraft, as well as for oxygen systems of ejection seats. Generators provide 120 liters of oxygen for breathing for 15-22 minutes.

   Solid-source oxygen generators:

  •   Absolutely safe
  •   Allow to receive oxygen of medical purity (GOST 5583)
  •   Are compact and easily placed in any place
  •   Do not require routine maintenance work
  •   Always ready for use
  •   Stored for more than 19 years
  •   1kg of TEAK gives up to 430 grams (300 liters) of pure oxygen