Design Services

   Design Institute of FSUE «RRC «Applied chemistry» performs the following design, engineering works and provides engineering services:

  • design of terminals for food and chemical products for various purposes
  • rendering services to foreign and domestic firms in the implementation of both domestic and foreign technologies, adaptation of projects to Russian norms and rules, examination of technologies for obtaining permission for their application, obtaining permits for the use of equipment, products and systems
  • development of urban planning documentation with the right to design civil and industrial buildings and structures erected in areas with particularly difficult geological and climatic conditions
  • preparation of design documentation of technological equipment of the designed productions
  • development of schemes of engineering equipment of settlements and territories, as well as design of all types of engineering networks
  • technical expertise of project documentation, development and expertise of industrial facilities safety declaration, industrial safety expertise of projects
  • realization of works on environmental impact assessment of designed and operating enterprises
  • development of standards for maximum permissible emissions and effluents of pollutants, waste disposal and justification of limits
  • development and coordination of projects of sanitary protection zones
  • development of initial data and regulatory documents for the design of hazardous production facilities
  • preparation and coordination of sections «Engineering and technical measures of Сivil Defense. Measures to prevent emergencies»
  • preparation of declarations (petitions) of intent
  • development and justification of investments in the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures
  • preparation of business plans of projected and operating enterprises in the scope of requirements of international financial organizations
  • realization of functions of the customer, intermediary works and services in construction.