Ecology and Industrial Safety

Our services in the field of ecology

  • Recycling of non-recyclable waste
  • Neutralization of territories contaminated with toxic substances
  • Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment
  • Cleaning of gas emissions
  • Modernization, technological re-equipment and reconstruction of hazardous chemical production facilities
  • Ensuring chemical and industrial safety at operating enterprises in accordance with current regulations and environmental standards
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Development of measures aimed at preventing chemical accidents at industrial and transport facilities


   GIPH specialists have developed and created installations for cleaning gas emissions, waste water and processing liquid waste of rocket fuel components at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Industry.

   In the last decade, the developments of the GIPH were carried out:

  • development of initial data and the project of the experimental environmental protection enterprise «Production for processing industrial toxic waste of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region» (Krasny Bor Landfill)
  • the project of the Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility (Bryansk region, Pochep)
  • theproject for the destruction of toxic chemicals and oil sludge in the branch of FSUE “GosNIIOKhT” (Shikhany)
  • project for the elimination of rocket fuel reserves and rocket fuel oxidizers (Krasnoyarsk).

   All these objects have passed environmental and state expertise at the federal level.