Testing Laboratory "Low-tonnage Chemical Products" (TL LTCP)

   Laboratory is a structural division of JSC RSC Applied Chemistry (GIPH). The Laboratory tests substances and materials for compliance with national, interstate, international standards and other ND, serving the needs of St. Petersburg and various regions of Russian Federation in the sphere of product testing.

   TL LTCP is the main testing laboratory in Russia for quality control of mineral fertilizers, refrigerants, rocket fuel components, and chemical reagents.

   The Laboratory is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation for product testing in accordance with the scope of accreditation. Certificate of accreditation No. ROSS RU. 0001. 21HP38.

The Laboratory conducts, according to accreditation, conducts analysis of industrial products:

  • refrigerants, propellants, products in aerosol packaging, polymer foamed materials and components for their production, granular polymers, refrigeration units, freezers, dehumidifiers, ice generators, fire extinguishers and other products (for the presence of ozone-depleting substances)
  • paint and varnish materials, art and auxiliary materials, polygraphic paints, household chemicals, auto chemicals and car cosmetics, perfume and cosmetic products, disinfectants (determination of the content of methyl, ethyl, isopropyl and other alcohols)
  • halide derivatives of aliphatic hydrocarbons, refrigerants (determination of all quality indicators)
  • mineral fertilizers (determination of all quality indicators)
  • monoatomic alcohols, solutions, emulsions, suspensions based on technical ethyl alcohol (determination of all quality indicators)
  • glycols and glycol products, glycerin (determination of all quality indicators)
  • gasoline for automobiles, benzonal, fuel for jet engines, diesel fuel (definition of key indicators of quality)
  • fuel oil, gas turbine fuel, motor fuel (determination of the main quality indicators)
  • amino derivatives of aliphatic hydrocarbons, ethanolamines, amino compounds, hydrazines (determination of all quality indicators)
  • hydrogen peroxide (determination of all quality indicators)
  • acids and oxides (determination of all quality indicators)
  • alkaline electrolytes, hydroxides, hydrazines and hydroxylamines (determination of all quality indicators)
  • inorganic and organic reagents (determination of all quality indicators)
  • drinking, industrial and wastewater treated water (determination of the main quality indicators)
  • distilled water and for laboratory analysis (determination of all quality indicators)
  • products of inorganic chemistry, paint and varnish materials and household chemicals, organic synthesis products, products for children and adolescents, light industry products, packaging, chemical reagents, food products, toys and Christmas decorations, oil, petroleum products (determination of elements by atomic absorption and atomic emission spectrometry).

List of certified methods developed by the laboratory:

  • analysis of petroleum products
  • analysis of chemical products
  • analysis of environmental objects

   In addition to analyzing products and environmental objects, the Laboratory conducts research on the decoding of organic and inorganic mixtures by chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography, infrared spectrometry, atomic emission and atomic absorption spectrometry, performs work on the identification of organic pollutants in environmental objects, develops new methods of chemical analysis, and provides consulting services in the sphere of analytical chemistry.

Attention! If you intend to purchase methods for analyzing components that fall into the “Restrictive Lists” approved by the Government of Russian Federation, non-residents of RF must obtain permission from the Federal Service for Technical and Expert Control in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of RF.


Address: 26A Krylenko str., St. Petersburg, 193232, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 812 6479277

E-mail: giph@giph.su

Head of Laboratory: Michael Reyngevertz


Deputy head of the laboratory: Yuri Vilpan

E-mail: ail_mhp@giph.su