GIPH became a participant of MAKS-2019

FSUE RRC “Applied chemistry” (GIPH) took part in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019. At the air show, GIPH presented its current developments and products, including a solid-source oxygen generator, “Green” rocket fuel, fire-extinguishing systems and fire-extinguishing refrigerants. Negotiations on further cooperation with several companies and enterprises were held at the MAKS sites.

In addition, GIPH, together with the Charity Foundation Legends of Aviation and the OUR SKY Foundation, organized a press tour on board the world’s first aircraft with a cryogenic engine Tu-155, in the development of which GIPH participated. Nikolai Prokhorov, one of the participants in the development of the Tu-155, spoke to the guests of the event. He spoke about the implementation of the project and new promising developments in the field of cryogenic fuels. Also during the event, a demonstration of the operation of the oxygen generator on solid sources was held on board the Tu-155 aircraft, and all participants of the press tour were given the opportunity to directly test this development and breathe oxygen on solid sources.