Films of thermoplastic fluoropolymers

Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH) JSC produces films from fusible grades of fluoropolymers (f-4MB, f-40, f-3, f-3M, f-30, f-2M, f-50, f-4SF) by flat-melt extrusion. Extrusion equipment made of corrosion-resistant steels that are not subject to oxidation by fluoropolymer melts at temperatures up to 450oC is used for their production.

   Films made of thermoplastic fluoropolymers are used for the manufacture of elastic containers, for the storage of aggressive liquids, as chemical-resistant gaskets and liners, protective screens, for wall cladding and as hermetic packaging in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Existing polymerization plants allow us to carry out the development of films from their own brands of fluoropolymers produced by the original synthesis technologies.

   These films are also used as insulating materials in the production of flexible foil dielectrics, ribbon cables, in the capacitor industry. Thin oriented films f-2M promising to create super-capacitors.

   F-4MB films are able to retain an electric charge for a long time in the absence of an electric field, in conditions of high humidity of the ambient air at temperatures up to 130 ° C, which is used to create electrets (at microphones). They have high physical and mechanical properties, dielectric characteristics, a wide range of operating temperatures, weatherproof, do not burn, resistant to the simplest organisms and fungi. 

   They are also characterized by good barrier properties, in particular, low gas and moisture permeability. In this case, thin films with a thickness of 10-20 microns have good selectivity in the separation of gas mixtures.

   Films f-40, f-2M, f-30, f-42 radiation resistant.

   Most fluoroplastic films have high dielectric properties, with the best dielectric properties of the film have f-50, f-4MB, f-40, f-3 and f-3M.

   Films f-4MB, f-3M, f-3, f-2M transparent and have a light transmittance 93-95%.