GIPH became a joint-stock company

Аccording to the Decree of  President of  Russian Federation no. 425, FSUE  RRC  Applied Chemistry was transformed into a joint-stock company. The full official name of the company now is Joint Stock Company Russian Research Center Applied Chemistry (GIPH) or JSC RRC Applied Chemistry (GIPH).

According to the same Decree, GIPH is the part of State Corporation Rostec as a direct management organization.

JSC RRC Applied Chemistry (GIPH) is the legal successor of FSUE RRC Applied Chemistry. On the basis of this all rights and obligations are transferred to JSC RRC Applied Chemistry (GIPH) to the extent and under the conditions that existed at FSUE RRC Applied Chemistry at the time of the transfer of rights and obligations.

Elena  Kozlova was appointed General Director of JSC RRC Applied Chemistry (GIPH).