Representatives of GIPH spoke at the first Glushkov Readings

October 4, 2019 in the conference hall of the Peter and Paul Fortress was held the first Russian scientific-practical conference “Glushkovsky Readings” dedicated to the memory and legacy of the founder of national rocket engine, twice hero of Socialist labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes of the USSR, academician Valentin Glushko. It was attended by three employees of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Research Center «Applied chemistry» (GIPH): Nikolai Prokhorov, Nikolai Yaroshenko and Ksenia Pervushina.

Nikolai Prokhorov made a presentation in the plenary part of the conference on V. P. Glushko and the creation of a reusable transport rocket and space system “Energia – Buran”, where he told the details of the launch of “Energia-Buran” and the role of academician V. P. Glushko in this project.

Ksenia V. Pervushina, an employee of the laboratory of liquid rocket fuels, told about the development of engines using “Green” fuels and about the development of Hyphae. Nicholay Yaroshenko reported on the role of liquid-phase reactions in the combustion of hypergolic liquid rocket, and also spoke about the engines of spacecraft and gasifiers that have been developed GIPH.

At the end of the event, Nikolai Prokhorov spoke again. He told about innovative components of fuel for liquid engines for space purposes, in particular about the development of methane fuel by GIPH and the prospects for its use for a new super-heavy rocket.

The event was organized by the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, the Glushko Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology, the Voenmech Baltic State Technical University named D.F. Ustinov and the North-Western interregional public organization of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics.