The Agency for Strategic Initiatives hosted a round table organized by GIPH

The round table “Innovations in the Space Industry” was held on June 4 in the Moscow office of ASI “Co-Working Center “Boiling Point”. Its central event was a speech by the representative of the FSUE “RRC “Applied Chemistry” (GIPH) Nikolai Prokhorov, who presented the RRC’s developments in the field of rocket fuels – methane fuel and “Green” fuel. During his speech, Nikolai Prokhorov told the facts from the history of GIPH and told about the company’s plans to participate in the development of a new super-heavy rocket designed for interplanetary flights.

In addition, the event was attended by representatives of the National University MAI, JSC “NPO named after S. A. Lavochkin” and the “OUR SKY” Foundation.

The round table was held as part of the business program for celebrating the 100th anniversary of GIPH.