Additives for Metallurgical Production

Additives for Metallurgical Production

Product name
Область применения
Tablet Degasser Modifier «Zernolit-2»
TU 301-14-67-91

Modifier-degasser in the process of obtaining aluminum alloys, mixture of fluorides of potassium.

Tablet Degasser «Degaser»
TU 301-14-67-91

Additive in the production of aluminum alloys, a mixture of chlorine salts.

Potassium Polyfluoride (TRIFLUORIDE)
ТУ 301-14-52-90

Additive in the production of aluminum alloys: activating additive in the process of removing ceramic rods.

Potassium Fluoride Acid Technical
TU 6-00209409-001-93

Etching of ceramics in metal casting in order to remove it.