193232 Krylenko str. 26a
(812) 647-92-77

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 8.00 - 17.00

Extension numbers



Acting General Director
Elena Kozlova

EXT. tel 10-88

Executive Secretary of the General Director
Oksana Kirsanova

EXT. tel 21-88

Executive Secretary of the General Director (Kapitolovo square)
Alena Vikulina

EXT. tel 22-77

Deputy General Director for special chemistry - Director of Research center «Special Chemistry»
Yuriy Kartashov

EXT. tel 17-17
Fax (812) 647-92-51

Deputy General Director for design works and innovative technologies - Director of the Design institute
Vyacheslav Rodenko

EXT. tel 22-88

Director of Pilot production
Artem Prudnikov

EXT. tel 10-53

Chief Engineer
Boris Christianchic

EXT. tel 10-22

Deputy General Director for personnel policy and general issues - head of Personnel department
Irina Gruzdeva

EXT. tel 10-49

Deputy General Director for legal affairs
Marina Egorova

EXT. tel 10-36

Head of Finance department
Tatiana Ryabchinskaya

EXT. tel 19-74

Head of Secretariat
Elena Chistyakova